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Shipping, Delivery and Self-collection
“Do you have deliveries or self-collections on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays?”
Yes, deliveries and self-collections are available daily, with the exception of Tuesdays.
*If a Public Holiday falls on Tuesday, deliveries and self-collections will be available and our kitchen will be closed on Wednesday instead.
"Can I arrange for deliveries or self-collections on separate days?"
Yes, we would highly encourage this and recommend that your purchases are given out on the same day of delivery or self-collection.
"What are the delivery timings?"
Two slots are available:
Daily (except Tuesdays): 10am – 1pm
Daily (except for Tuesdays and Public Holidays): 2pm – 5pm
“And the delivery charges are?”
We are currently offering complimentary delivery to 1 location on orders over $200 nett (before GST and tier rentals). For orders less than $200 nett, a delivery charge of $19 is applicable for each delivery location.
For deliveries to Tuas (postal codes beginning with 62 and/or 63) or Sentosa Island, there will be an additional surcharge of $18 on top of the delivery charge, if any.
“Can I request for a more precise delivery time?”
You can select a particular delivery slot within an hour’s range, but do note that a surcharge of $20 will apply.
Due to unpredictable traffic and weather conditions, we are unable to guarantee precise, right-to-the-minute deliveries.
If you would like to receive your purchases at an absolutely precise time, we highly recommend that you consider self-collection as an alternative.
“What are the self-collection dates and times, then?”
Self-collection is available:
Daily (except Tuesdays): 9am – 5pm
Public Holidays: 9am – 1pm
*Do note that the earlier notice about our kitchen closure still applies.
“Great! I’ve got relatives/friends staying overseas; do you think that you could deliver it to them?”
Regrettably, as our products use fresh ingredients, we can only deliver your purchases to local addresses.

Cakes & Cupcakes
"Are the designs of the mini cupcakes customisable?"
Only the pull-apart mini cupcakes can be customised.
Please drop us an email with an image or design you have in mind for your pull-apart mini cupcakes to and we will get back to you with a quotation.
“Can I customise the designs for the standard cupcakes or cakes?”
Sure can do! Simply drop us an email with an image or design you have in mind to and we will get back to you with a quotation.
“I have Muslim friends. Would they be able to enjoy your sweet treats?”
Definitely! Sweetest Moments is Halal-certified so that means everyone can consume our lovely creations.
“30 mini cupcakes are far too many. Can I place an order for 20 mini cupcakes or 15 standard cupcakes instead?”
Unfortunately, we only accept standardised orders for our cupcakes. 
Our mini cupcakes are available in boxes of 30 or 54 pieces, while our standard cupcakes are packed into boxes of 10 or 20 pieces only.
“What lies beneath all that fondant and icing?”
Our themed cupcakes are made from decadently moist chocolate cakes. Feeling adventurous? We have other cupcake flavours available within our signature cupcakes section, ranging from M&Ms scattered upon fluffy vanilla frosting to delightfully perky peppermint frosting!
“Can I unleash my creativity and customise your signature cupcakes?”
Unfortunately, our signature cupcakes are designed to be delightfully unique; staying true to their own flavours and thus cannot be customised.
“Are there any other cake choices besides your rich delish chocolate?”
While our specialties lie within the realm of the rich cocoa and vanilla sponge cakes chockfull of juicy sliced peaches, other possible choices include our fragrant red velvet cake and lush butter cake. Please note that cake designs are limited for a sponge cake as its density may not be suitable for certain designs.
“Frosting, frosting, frosting, they’re all sweet. So what’s the difference?”
Three types of frosting are available at Sweetest Moments:
Fresh Cream:
A popular choice despite Singapore’s humid and hot climate. It is an airy, fluffy alternative to the usual heavy cream used in today’s cake. We advise that cakes with fresh cream frosting to be chilled at all times and would recommend self-collection when choosing this frosting.
Butter Cream:
Our version of reduced sugar butter cream ensures that this frosting can be enjoyed by all ages. As it allows more fanciful design due to its better resistance to Singapore’s temperature than its fresh cream counterpart, this frosting is ideal when you desire to display the cake for a few hours without refrigeration.
An absolute beauty to look at, fondant allows the highest flexibility in terms of design and is a type of sugary paste. However, it is also the sweetest type of frosting we offer and generally does not require refrigeration unless the cake contains perishable fillings or decorations.
“Do you provide sampling or samples?”
Unfortunately, at this point of time, we are unable to offer any samples of our tasty goodies. 

"How advanced does my order need to be?"
It depends on what you have ordered, really!
For customised cakes made according to your creative designs and ideas, we would require at least 14 days of advanced notice. Kindly provide us an image of design you have in mind so that we can do our best to bring your imagination to life.
For personalised full-month and wedding packages, themed cupcakes and cake designs featured on our website and collaterals, please give us at least 4 days’ advanced notice to prepare your order.
For any orders with 48 to 72-hour notice, an express surcharge of $10 will apply. (waived until further notice)
For urgent orders that need to be made in less than 48 hours, please contact us immediately to discuss the possibility of meeting your requirements.
How do I place an order?
For faster processing, we strongly recommend you to place your orders online. For orders performed through phone calls, an administrative charge of $10 is applicable as we need to manually process your payment.
“How does the online ordering work?”
1. Simply choose your desired package(s) and click on the ‘Add to Cart’ button. 
2. After checking that your order is correct, click on 'Proceed to Checkout. 
3. Fill in your billing information, delivery information and card details, if any.
4. Make your payment and you’re done!
- Orders for separate deliveries/collections should be placed separately as individual orders. 
- Photos can be emailed to us after the order confirmation is received, so no worries if you do not have the photo on hand)
“I have a promo code. How do I place an order to enjoy the discount?”
At the 'Shopping Cart' page, you may enter the promo code and click on 'Apply Coupon'. You should see the discount being applied. 
(Tip: You should add the total quantity you require. After you apply the promo code, the discounted amount will then be reflected.)
“How do I place orders for different dates?”
If you would like to place orders for different dates and different addresses, please submit your orders separately. The same announcement card design can be used for several orders by stating, “Please use card design as per order number XYZ” in the ‘Comments’ section when ordering.
“I have submitted my online order – so what’s next?”
1. An automatic email will be sent to your inbox, to assure you that we have received your order(s).
2. Your order will be processed accordingly. If there's anything we are not able to fulfil, we will inform you via a call as soon as possible within 48 hours. 
3. If you have chosen a Personalised Announcement card, please look at the steps that we have provided in the next question.
4. A day before your preferred delivery/self-collection date, we will drop you a SMS reminding you of your personalised order.
“I’ve chosen a Personalised Announcement Card for my Full-month/Wedding Package! How do I go about making it my own?”
1. After your order has been confirmed by us, drop us an email with one preferred photo, including your order number in the subject line/header.
2. If your order includes a twin/triplet card which uses several photos, please indicate your preferred arrangement clearly by renaming the image files accordingly – for example: Photo 1’s title is ‘Left: Jayvier’, Photo 2 is ‘Middle: Jayden’ and lastly Photo 3 is ‘Right: Jayson’.
3. Each order is entitled to one BabyCard design, one photo and one message.
4. Only one artwork preview will be provided per baby/couple.
5. If the card’s design is correct, kindly reply to our email with a simple ‘approved/confirmed’.
6. Once approval is received, your card will be sent for printing immediately and no further changes can be done.

Payment, Pricing and Promotions 
"What payment methods do you accept?"
We accept a wide range of payment methods:
1. MasterCard / Visa Credit Card for online payments
2. Cash vouchers upon delivery/self-collection
* Please note that an administrative charge of $10 applies to the following payment options:
3. Cash, local cheques, internet banking upon delivery/self-collection
4. NETS is only available for self-collection
“What about GST?”
Yes, any prevailing GST charges will be included in the final order price.
If there are any other questions you might have, please contact us at 6286 2553 and we will handle your enquiries accordingly.